Saturday, August 11, 2012

My WOTR army list

So speaking of my WOTR army list, here it is, with finished formations highlighted in blue.


Legendary Formations
Erkenbrand's Riders-6 companies
Elfhelm's Rider-6 companies
King's Guard-6 companies w/Royal Standard
Grimbold's Helmingas-6 companies

Common Formations:
Rohan Royal Guard-4 companies
Oathsworn Bowmen-2 companies
Oathsworn Bowmen-2 companies
Riders of Rohan Eored-9 companies
Riders of Rohan Eored-9 companies

What I need in order to complete it

Eomer on horse
Aragorn on horse
24 Riders of Rohan
5 Rohan Bowmen
9 Rohan Royal Guard (mounted)
23 Rohan Royal Guard (foot)
Grimbold and command

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